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Blacksmiths have been actively forging the 'Black Metal' for several thousand years. During this time there have been many changes in the craft, however the basic principles for moving hot metal, applied so long ago, are still relevant to today's modern Smith.  The role of the Blacksmith has changed significantly as well! Once the focal point for the needs of a town, city or empire, the role of the modern Smith is more aligned with that of a curator preserving this ancient craft through diligent practice, demonstrations, workshops and artistic expression. 


John Walker
22397 McCowan Rd.
Mount Albert, Ontario
L0G 1M0
905 251 4161

  • Forging demonstrations 

  • Forging Workshops (public and private)

  • Custom iron work

  • Replication and reproduction work

  • Restoration 

  • Mobile Forge for off-site demos




  • Rail Road Spike Knife

  • Rail Road Spike Tomahawk

  • Rail Road Spike Bearded Tomahawk

  • Bearded Axe

  • Custom Knife 

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