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Forging Workshops

For information on Pricing and availability, choose 'More' from the 'Main Menu' and click on 'Book On-Line'. 

Railroad Spike Knife


In this 16 hour workshop, design for folks with no previous forging experience, you will hand-build a one of a kind knife from a railroad spike using basic blacksmith tools and techniques. You will upset, fuller and draw the blade, hand-file the primary bevels, twist the handle and harden / temper the blade's edge.

Railroad Spike Bearded Tomahawk


In this 24 hour workshop you will use skills acquired from the Spike Knife workshop to build a one-piece bearded Tomahawk from a Railroad Spike. Basic blacksmith tools and techniques are used during the build. In addition you will turn your handle fro rived Maple.

Custom Knife


In this 30 hour workshop, using skills acquired from the Spike Knife workshop, you will build a full or hidden tang knife of your design using basic blacksmith tools and techniques. Handles or scales will be applied to finish your one-of-a-kind creation.

Ask about pricing. Private and Public workshops are available. Gift Certificates are also available.

Contact Fallen Willow Forge for Workshop dates 



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